Modular Buildings

Whether you need a commercial modular building to be used as a sales office, a healthcare modular building for an imaging center, or even a retail modular building to be used as an auto dealership, United Rentals is here for you. Our Storage Containers & Mobile Offices team can ensure you have the modular building customized to what you need. Examples of our past modular building work include temporary classrooms, administrative office space, temporary housing, construction site offices, retail stores, restaurants and more.

FAQs About Modular Buildings

What is a commercial modular building?

  • A commercial modular building is made up of multiple sections called units or modules, which are constructed off-site in a factory. These sections are then transported to your location and set up on the foundation of your choice, which can be concrete or gravel pads. When the modular building project is finished, it is taken apart and removed from the site.

How much does it cost to rent a commercial modular building?

  • The cost of a commercial modular building will depend on the size, location and what you are using it for. Modular buildings can vary in size and complexity. Our previous work includes temporary offices, fine dining restaurants, retail and healthcare locations.

Why do people choose to rent modular buildings over shipping containers?

  • Although there is an initial price difference between renting a modular versus container unit, your costs could be lower in the long run. The reason behind this is that, with shipping containers, you will have to rent additional units when your company grows or if the shipping container needs repairs. With modular buildings, this is not a concern. United Rentals Storage Containers & Mobile Offices can add on sections as needed.