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United Rentals possède une gamme variée d’outils et d’équipement pour votre gazon ou votre projet d’aménagement paysager. Try sod cutters when preparing a new landscape bed or clearing for a new sidewalk or driveway, or check out lawn thatchers for removing thatch, which, when in excess, can be bad for your lawn and even make it turn brown. Our lawn overseeder rentals combine the raking function of a thatcher with a seeder to help restore a thinning area in your yard. And our backpack leaf blower rentals are ideal for moving leaves without straining your arms.

From hedge trimmers and weed eaters to log splitters, we're here to help. United Rentals provides what you need to maintain a healthy lawn or lay down a new one. Learn more about tips and precautions to take when using lawn equipment.



Do I need a backpack blower?

  • Backpack leaf blowers shift the weight of the blower onto your back, distributing the weight more evenly and comfortably. Look for backpack blowers with padded straps, adjustable hip belts, adjustable handles and anti-vibration mounts. However, if you have back problems or concerns, you might look into hand-held leaf blowers instead of backpack blowers.

How do I store a backpack leaf blower?

  • First, run your blower on the blow setting and then vacuum to get all the leaves out. After making sure there is no oil or gasoline remaining, wipe down the exterior. And finally, store the leaf blower in a dry place. Hanging on the walls of the garage or a shed is a good way to store your blower.

How does a sod cutter work?

  • Sod cutters cut grass at the roots to remove sections of sod and expose the bare ground beneath. The type of sod cutter you need depends on the size of the project. Sod cutters can range from a shovel-like sod cutter to heavy-duty motorized sod cutters meant to remove large areas of sod.



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Dolly Tree

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  • 600 gallon working capacity tank
  • Discharge distance up to 90'
  • Coverage of up to 7200 sq. feet per load
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Rake, Garden

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Roller, Lawn