Larger vacuums are ideal for keeping around the house, shop or worksite to clean up any mess as well as keep harmful dust and pollutants out of the air, ensuring the safety of your crew. Our selection of wet/dry vacuums have features like powerful suction force and airflow, portability, robust wheels, long hoses, and versatility. Suction up concrete dust and slurry from coring, cutting, grinding, and more.


FAQs about Vacuums

Is it better to dust or vacuum first?

  • After a small or large commercial project, there might be dust lingering after the project is done. Dusting will stir up the particles rather than removing them. It’s best to vacuum as much of the loose dust as you can, starting at the top of the space and working your way down toward the floor. Make sure to vacuum window ledges, ceiling fans and light fixtures. After this, you can go over the room with a damp cloth or mop top to get the remaining debris and dust. Don’t forget to vacuum out the ductwork, as dust can lodge in there.

What is the best vacuum for concrete floors?

  • Choose the best vacuum by your cleaning needs. A few things to consider: concrete floor type (sealed, stamped, etc.), level of debris and dust you need to clean, how often you want to clean the area, and what your budget is. If you are still unsure, please contact your local United Rentals for expert advice on choosing the best vacuum for you.

Can you use a standard vacuum for concrete dust extraction?

  • We recommend that you use a heavier-duty vacuum with proper filtration for concrete dust, as well as a more powerful suction force and airflow and cleaning system on board. OSHA requires proper ventilation and limits the amount of dusts, fumes, mists, vapors, and gases produced in construction work, so having a proper vacuum that is able to handle concrete dust extraction is essential.
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Concrete Dust Vacuum, Wet/Dry, Electric Powered

  • For wet and dry pickup
  • Heavy-duty wheels for easy transport
  • Circulation d’air jusqu’à 150 pcm
  • Tuyau d’aspirateur de 9,85 à 10 pi
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accessoire d’aspiration pour outil électrique
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Dust Removal System Vacuum Accessory for Breaker Hammers

  • Accessory to breaker hammers and other demolition equipment
  • Collect up to 95% of dust
  • Extremely robust and durable system
  • Ideal for all indoor chiseling and renovation workClean your site and protect your operators from harmful concrete dust and particulates. This dust removal system is designed for demolition breaker hammers to pick up to 95% of dust. This dust removal syst
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yellow backpack style hepa vacuum product shot
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HEPA Vacuum Backpack, Pneumatic Powered

  • Pour une utilisation portative ou fixe
  • 3.25-gallon tank capacity
  • Multistage filtration system
  • 30' electrical cord
  • Uses: Ideal for cleaning large areas on the go with backpack straps or as a stationary vacuum
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Aspirateur HEPA
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Industrial HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

  • Capacité d’eau jusqu’à 6,6 gallons
  • Capacité d’eau jusqu’à 6,6 gallons
  • Up to 16' hose
  • Fonctionnement silencieux
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Electric Industrial Vacuum
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Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, 10-15 gal., Electric Powered

  • 25' electrical cord with wrap included
  • Wet and dry filter with no conversion needed
  • Roues et pinces de retenue
  • Fonctionnement silencieux
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Industrial Vacuum, 45 gal., Electric Powered

  • Two 115V, 2,5 horsepower motors
  • Aspiration d’eau jusqu’à 110 po
  • Circulation d’air jusqu’à 200 pcm
  • Tambour de 45 gallons
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Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuum, 55 gal., Pneumatic Powered

  • For handling water, oil, solvent and other debris
  • Wet and dry recovery with no filter change
  • Configuration à une, deux ou quatre têtes
  • Tambour côtelé en acier de 55 gallons
  • Add this vacuum cleaner to your cart nowPick up dust and slurry from coring, cutting, grinding or drilling work with this concrete dust vacuum. It's versatile and robust with a 55-gallon waste tank. This vacuum's airflow is up to 150 cubic feet per minute
Aspirateur, collecteur de poussière
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Vacuum Dust Collector, 10 gal., Electric Powered

  • High-capacity, 10 gallon dust tank
  • Roues robustes pour une maniabilité accrue
  • Retrait du dépoussiéreur rapide en une étape
  • Ideal for high-dust applications like demolition work
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Vacuum Pack Shot
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Wet/Dry Portable Vacuum, 10-14 gal.

  • Capacité pouvant aller jusqu’à 14 gallons
  • Légère pour un transport pratique
  • Est fournie avec des accessoires faciles à utiliser
  • Est fournie avec des accessoires faciles à utiliser
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Wet/Dry Portable Vacuum
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Wet/Dry Portable Vacuum, 20-24 gal.

  • 50' electrical cord included
  • Aspiration d’eau jusqu’à 110 po
  • Circulation d’air jusqu’à 116 pcm
  • Réservoir à incliner et verser disponible
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