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See our range of scaffolds for rent below. United Rentals offers vertical frames, platforms, planks, guard rails, braces, toe board, outriggers, and hardware needed to create a complete frame system that suits your job size and site requirements.

Versatile frame scaffolding gives you the ability to reach just about anything. Whether your specialty is construction, electric, maintenance, masonry, or you need to rent scaffolding for painting, steam cleaning, or sand blasting, let United Rentals help you put together the scaffolding that’s just right for your job.

FAQs About Scaffolding

When is climbing scaffolding cross-braces permitted?

  • Climbing structural scaffolding cross-braces is unsafe and specifically forbidden by federal standards. If you are unable to directly access the scaffolding from another structure, you are required to follow ladder procedures to gain access.

How much weight can a scaffold hold?

  • Many states have a ratio requirement based on height-to-base dimensions. Please check your federal, state and local regulations before erecting any scaffolding.

When should a scaffold be inspected?

  • Once scaffolding is inspected for the first time of use, OHSA requires "periodic” or weekly inspections of the erected scaffold.
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End Frame, Double Wide Base

  • Secure worker on aerial platform
  • Size varies by model
  • Double-wide base with legs
  • Improve safety on site
  • Uses: Ideal for added protection for employees when working on project components at elevated heights
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guard rail pack shot
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Scaffolding Guardrail End Frame

  • Accessory for scaffolding
  • Secure worker on aerial platform
  • Bright yellow for increased visibility
  • Size varies by model
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