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    Providing Standard and Custom Portable Storage Container and Office Space Solutions for Retailers

    Whether you need extra storage space for excess inventory or a mobile retail store due to seasonal demands or store renovations, United Rentals has you covered. We can provide additional storage to handle excess inventory during retail season but we can also provide custom container modifications designed to your specific needs, providing you with solutions like mobile kiosks, container bars and modular restaurants, mobile order pick-up counters, gift card sales offices and more.

    With the acquisition of Pac-Van inventory, we are proud to offer more comprehensive product offerings, and we are better equipped than ever to help you with all of your retail-related needs.

    Portable storage containers, ground-level offices, office trailers and modular buildings

    Récipients de conservation et bureaux mobiles

    Featured Projects for Retail

    1-plex Modern Times Brewery Modular Kiosk

    The Modern Times Brewery required a cost-efficient mobile kiosk for its brewery's tasting room. We constructed this kiosk out of a modified 24-foot shipping container with a pass-through window cut-out and an additional 8 feet of storage space. The rest of the interior is used to sell merchandise, beer and coffee. Custom touches like a light blue coat of paint and a lit marquee sign atop the modular kiosk make this unit unique. By utilizing a shipping container kiosk, Modern Times Brewery cut the cost of building a permanent facility within its tasting room and can transport the booth to other spaces for future events.


    3-plex D’s Auto World Modular Sales Office

    D’s Auto World required a cheap, time-saving alternative to a traditionally built auto sales office. We produced this portable store in just 52 days and saved the client an estimated 20% over stick-built construction. The modular building is designed to mirror the other D’s Auto World location closely. We finished the exterior with Hurcubond split-faced mock and stucco throughout the building’s design, landscaping edge, and reception area. Upgraded carpet, solid core doors, and recessed, diffused lighting finished the interior atmosphere. The location looks and functions just as well as, if not better than, the traditionally constructed location and at a fraction of the cost and build time.


    3-plex Z Best Cars Modular Sales Office

    Z Best Cars, a national used car dealer, needed an economical solution for its expanding number of sales offices. A customized 1,440-square-foot portable store location provided the perfect solution. Local codes specified that this container sales office needed to be permanent and consistent with existing structures, so we applied brick over the exterior. We supplied custom items such as red-framed windows, keypad-controlled doors and bullet-resistant glass to accommodate the customer’s needs. These modular buildings take little time to construct and are easy to duplicate, offering a consistent look for all Z Best Cars locations.

    Campbells Cove Store
    6-plex Campbell Cove Modular Convenience Store

    A lake resort and campground required a convenience store to supply its customers, so we constructed this custom 5,600-square-foot mobile retail store. The portable store has several built-in facilities, including a laundromat, a convenience store with a fast-food restaurant and a gas station with above-ground storage tanks. For added cost-efficiency, the mobile retail shop features automated doors, increased R-values and insulated glass throughout. Additional custom features include white reflective EPDM roofing for the area’s harsh desert climate and a subgrade foundation. This prefabricated store is easy to transport, which is vital to the client because the building is on leased land.

    United Shore Public Baseball League (USPBL)

    This 40’ container kiosk was designed for customers to be able to walk in, browse through merchandise and to make their purchases. The concept allows for the four 4’ container doors to remain open, making the interior appear more spacious while allowing the client’s merchandise to be displayed on both the interior and exterior of the container. The interior walls have shelving and wire racks for product display. The side doors can fold flat against the container or can be connected to one another to create a triangular display. A point-of-sale window was installed and is located directly behind the sales counter. Lighting, electrical outlets and two attic vents were added. The vents allow air to circulate through the container, which helps keep the interior cool without the need for air conditioning. Repurposing a shipping container was an ideal and cost-effective solution for the client, because it allowed them to upgrade their retail space, giving their customers access to their product, allowing for easy relocation in the case of ballpark modifications and securing their merchandise when the container is not in use. Choosing to use a shipping container allowed them to eliminate costs like site planning, construction permits, site development, and construction labor. By utilizing the floor and container jack to set the container flush to the ground, the need for a crane or forklift was eliminated which saved the customer on setup costs. Overall, this project gave our client the space they needed, provided some additional benefits that they didn’t anticipate upfront, all the while keeping the cost minimal.

    SCMO Retail grocery pickup kiosk
    Grocery Store Pick Up Kiosk

    A regional grocery store customer needed Ground Level Offices (GLOs) at several different locations throughout the Midwest. We provided 40’ All Office and Office Storage Combo GLOs that were utilized for pick up orders. The need started out as temporary due to the COVID-19 pandemic but found that this became a value added service for their customers that could be used beyond the pandemic. The customer ended up acquiring 60 units to use at their locations.



    Santa House

    The Santa House is comprised of four modules, a roof piece, and a clock tower. This temporary building is installed and removed every year and is used for pictures with Santa. Town Square Mall is an open air mall that began the tradition of the Santa House when they opened their doors in 2007 and has incorporated the building every year since. The building is reminiscent of a country cottage, and the windows and doors were replicated from European shoppes. The roofing structure integrates high pitched gables, dormers, and a functioning clock tower that are all adorned with fish scale, shake siding and asphalt shingles. The interior design accommodates a warm and homey feel including a fireplace, holiday decor, and an inviting velvet couch.


    How Retailers Can Leverage Portable Storage and Space During the Holiday Season

    Holiday shopping now looks much different due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Shoppers are favoring ecommerce and BOPIS (buy online, pick-up in-store) over traditional in-store shopping. While the channels are different, demand is still high, requiring the continued need for seasonal staff. With these new and unique circumstances, businesses are finding they need more mobile retail storage solutions.

    Ecommerce Spikes Require Traditional Stores to Act as Fulfillment

    A consumer study reported that 63% of U.S. shoppers made an online purchase for an item or category they never had before. For millennials, this number was 75%. Consumers want great deals but are hesitant about shopping in person.

    According to data from a survey, 58% of consumers said they’d shop online for Black Friday, while only 41% said they’d shop in-store. That sentiment held true, as early reports show ecommerce shopping for the day hit $9 billion.

    These record-breaking numbers indicate that traditional stores may have to act as fulfillment spaces for these orders — meaning retailers need additional space. Ground level office (GLO) containers or a mobile retail store could provide the solution.

    The Emergence of BOPIS and the Need for Storage Space

    BOPIS is a hybrid approach to ecommerce and in-store shopping. It can ease the strain on shipping channels, deliver instant gratification for shoppers and provide a safe way to shop for those with exposure concerns.

    For context, here’s how BOPIS is changing the game. eCommerce platform KIBO reported its users had a 554% year-over-year increase in orders in 20 mai20 and a slightly lower but still incredible 374% growth in June.

    All retailers are leaning hard on BOPIS, from big box to fashion to grocery stores. This increase in business requires more space for storing these items until buyers pick them up. Some retailers are even creating specific areas for this extra storage space along with curbside pickups. Instead of taking precious space from your store’s footprint, choose storage containers to hold everything. Refrigerated containers are also available for perishables.

    More Employees, Same Precautions

    To meet the rush of holiday shopping, retailers are adding to their headcount at physical locations and fulfillment warehouses. However, they still need to provide a safe and healthy workplace. GLO containers could be good for temperature check stations or break areas to ensure proper social distancing.

    Explore How United Rentals Storage Can Support Your Retail Operations

    Ready to see how a United Rentals solution can solve your retail space and storage challenges? Whether you need temporary holiday storage or long-term space, we have a solution for you.

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