Filtration & Specialty Media

Filtration systems can treat the pumped-out water before it is released and having proper filtration on a jobsite can reduce or eliminate turbidity and VOCs so contractors can remain compliant with environmental regulations. United Rentals experts have many years of experience with renting, installing and operating filtration systems to fit your filtration requirements. We rent carbon filter systems, bag filter systems, chemical vapor scrubbers, media filters, trailer-mounted filter pots and water treatment trailers.


What is the best water filtration system?

  • Different industries and project requirements need different filtration systems, and one size does not fit all. It’s best to research the types of filtration solutions such as reverse osmosis, ceramic filtering, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, water recycling, coarse filtration, and UV light, then contact United Rentals to find the right system and size for your filtration requirements.

What is industrial filtration?

  • Industrial filtration is the process of removing suspended particles from a liquid, and manufacturing and industrial processes work to filter out these particle contaminants to keep the site systems working properly. Filtration systems can be used for construction runoff or groundwater,  oil refinery and industrial plant waste. They also come in varying types of systems and sizes. For example, United Rentals’ carbon filter systems work to remove contaminants from vapor waste and process streams. Bag filters utilize coarse filtration to eliminate particles from process fluids or urban runoff.

Do water filters kill bacteria?

  • Water filters do not typically kill bacteria, and it’s important to continually monitor and service your water filtration systems to prevent the growth of bacteria.
silver upright cylindrical tank on posts raised off the ground
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23-Bag Filtration System, 12 in. Carbon Steel

  • Quick installation for maximum uptime
  • 12" carbon steel
  • Ideal for construction and industrial runoff or stormwater
  • Low or moderate flow particulate removal
  • Contact your United Rental representative today for information
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Bag Filter, 2 in. Dual SS Filter

  • Coarse filtration in a portable unit with quick installation
  • Can be used with both filters active or one active and one out of service
  • Inlet and outlet connections are provided on the end of the skid
  • Low or moderate flow particulate removal
  • Meets municipal requirements for nationwide use
  • Uses: Ideal for use in industrial and commercial process fluids, urban runoff and groundwater discharge from construction sites or stormwater
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Carbon Filter System, 2 000 lbs.

  • Carbon scrubber
  • Heavy duty mild steel construction
  • Lined tanks for resistance to corrosion
  • Scrub contaminates from vapors and liquid phase waste
  • Contact your United Rental representative today for information
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Clarifier Insert, Drop-In Kaselco Clarifier, 250 to 500 gpm

  • The CL-250 Clarifier Insert functions as a low-cost, highly efficient solids removal system
  • The inclined plate design creates up to 10 times more surface area than the actual footprint of the clarifier frac tank
  • Easy-to-replace internal plate packs
  • Easy installation into open top frac tanks
  • Uses: Ideal for use as a solids removal system for industrial water treatment, construction dewatering and sediment removal
large white trailer that can be hitched to a truck
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EC-250 Coagulation Filtration Water Treatment Trailer

  • Complete wastewater treatment on site
  • Remove solidified oils and grease
  • Multiple solutions available for this trailer
  • Remove hard metals
  • Contact your United Rental representative today for information
12 Inch Trailered Filter Pack Shot
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Carter de filtre, 12 po, fer forgé, monté sur remorque

  • Débit maximum : 4140 gpm (15,7 m3m)
  • Pression de fonctionnement maximum 150 livres/pouce carré (11 bar)
  • Capacité du filtre de 23 sacs ronds
  • L’entreposage dans une remorque permet de retirer immédiatement le sac et de le jeter de façon écologique.
filtration system green tanks with yellow walk way
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Media Filter, Dual 10K Kleen Water Filter

  • Designed for continuous aqueous phase treatment of groundwater or wastewater
  • Can remove contaminants to nondetectable levels
  • Skid-mounted and fully assembled for rapid delivery and setup
  • Plumbed for lead/lag operation
  • ASME code vessels with stainless steel internals
  • Uses: Ideal for use in construction, environmental and industrial liquid phase contaminant removal
green enclosed tank with ridges
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Pure Aire Chemical Vapor Scrubber

  • Designed for heavy-duty industrial applications
  • Stainless steel internal distributor and mist eliminator
  • 8' wide and 23,5' long
  • Remove up to 98,5% hydrocarbons
  • Contact your United Rental representative today for information