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United Rentals has a selection of gas-powered chainsaw rentals with a variety of blade sizes from 17" to 24", as well as various accessories like a pruner power chainsaw head. Our experts can help you find the right blade size to execute your project efficiently and effectively.

Although essential for many lawn and landscape projects, these machines can be extremely dangerous when not used properly. United Rentals has put together some common chain saw safety mistakes and solutions for how to avoid them. Read more.



How do I measure chainsaw bar?

  • To measure a chainsaw bar (blade), you need to find the "effective cutting length." Measure from the tip of the blade to where the base is attached to the chainsaw, then round up to the nearest even number.

What kind of oil do I use in an electric chainsaw?

  • Electric chainsaws should only use bar and chain lubrication oil in their systems. Oils like vegetable oil can damage the equipment.

What kind of accessories do I need with my chainsaw?

  • Chainsaw chaps/pant covers
  • Helmet system that protects your head, eyes and ears
  • Chainsaw wedges to prevent trees from falling in unsafe directions
  • Chainsaw sharpening kit to sharpen your chainsaw and keep it running efficiently
  • Bar and chain lubrication oil o And finally, a well-stocked first-aid kit in case of injury



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Catégorie/classe : 625-4600

Chain Saw, Gas Powered, 20 in. Cutting Blade

  • Designed for 20" blade
  • Large muffler baffles reduce noise level
  • Rear hand guard reduces the risk from injury
  • Use Cases: Cut through wood and other materials depending on blade
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  • Fuel and chain purchased separately

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