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Keeping your crew safe underground is priority No. 1, for you and for us. Trench shoring is designed to prevent collapse by bracing the walls of a trench. With an equipment selection that is comprehensive and heavy-duty, trench shore rentals include hydraulic shoring, beam and plate shoring systems, manhole braces, fin boards, and the other accessories you need to have a complete shoring system. Learn more about Essential Trench Safety Tips from our United Rentals experts.

FAQs about Hydraulic Shoring

What is hydraulic shoring?

  • Hydraulic shoring is constructed of hydraulic pistons pumped until they press walls up against the trench. L’étayage hydraulique est habituellement utilisé avec des plaques d’acier ou du contreplaqué solide appelé Finform placé pour renforcer les parois de la tranchée. Cette solution d’étayage offre une polyvalence maximale et est idéale pour le travail dans des conditions complexes, surtout autour de structures et de services publics existants.

What are the benefits of beam and plate shoring systems?

  • Les systèmes de poutres et de plaques offrent une option de remplacement unique et économique aux rideaux de palplanches. Ideal for longer term excavations, the system is installed faster than traditional steel sheeting at a fraction of the cost, while providing you with the necessary workspace.

How deep can a trench be without shoring?

  • According to OSHA requirements, a trench protective system must be used when a trench is 5 ft. or greater in depth. If less than 5 ft., a competent person may determine that a trench protective system is not necessary.


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