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    Providing Portable Storage Container and Mobile Office Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

    The health and wellness community takes care of all of us. In times of uncertainty, you can count on United Rentals to help support our healthcare customers with their healthcare storage and office space needs. Ideal for patient intake, testing, administration and work space, we have portable storage, mobile office and modular medical building solutions that can be delivered to your facility quickly.

    United Rentals has high-quality storage and office space solutions, including: mobile offices for triage, modular clinics, modular exam rooms, drive through vaccination and testing clinics, secure storage containers for medical supplies and more. With United Rentals' recent acquisition of Pac-Van, Inc., our inventory and staff are better equipped than ever to meet the evolving storage and office needs of the healthcare industry.

    Portable storage containers, ground-level offices, office trailers and modular buildings

    Récipients de conservation et bureaux mobiles

    Featured Projects for Healthcare Use

    1-plex Hyperbaric Chamber Module

    The Fountain Valley Regional Hospital required a custom portable hyperbaric chamber module to create extra space for the growing hospital. The modular medical building matches the look of the hospital’s exterior. In addition to holding two portable hyperbaric chambers, the interior comprises one ADA-compliant restroom and a technician’s office. The building conforms to industry air quality standards for housing a hyperbaric oxygen chamber without requiring renovations to the hospital. The cost of this building is 1/3 less than a stick-built building at the same location, and thanks to its small size, it is easily relocatable and cost-effective as the hospital continues to grow and expand.

    SCMO Healthcare Greenfield Medical
    5-plex Greenfield Modular Medical Building

    Our client needed an energy-efficient portable medical clinic that could support future expansion. This 2,884-square-foot modular medical office building features a ribbon of windows surrounding the building and a collection of irregular-sized stucco-covered modules arranged in an offset layout. We designed the modular medical building to minimize steps and to maximize interaction between the various activities in a doctor’s office. The sidewalls and ceilings are fully insulated, and the energy-efficient E-glass windows reduce both heat exchange and UV damage to interior surfaces. Our customer was pleased, and the modular medical clinic was ready to be occupied in under 80 days.

    4-plex Winchester Road Veterinary Modular Clinic

    We were able to complete this modular medical building in just 90 days and saved our client around 65% of the cost of traditional construction. The custom 2,880-square-foot modular veterinary clinic features a perimeter frame with steel floor joists. The double-layered T&G plywood applied directly to the frame provides heavy-duty weight capacity for hefty medical equipment. Also, the corner coins add depth and contrast to the split-faced block foundation, and custom metal roofing provides the portable medical clinic with a pitched roof look. Adding to this homey appearance, the interior is highlighted with earth-tone wall finishes, custom cabinetry and ceramic tile throughout the building.


    SCMO Healthcare Grover Dills
    4-plex Grover Dills Modular Medical Center

    This 4,032-square-foot medical modular building was completed and ready for our client in just 30 days. The portable medical clinic has a unique entry formed by offsetting modules that create a covered entry with columns and glass block windows on each side of the double storefront entry. Parapet walls give added height to the stucco exterior facade, and on the interior, ceilings extend to 9 feet, giving off an air of spaciousness. The horseshoe hallway provides private space for staff and functions as a private entrance to doctors’ offices.

    4-plex Latrobe Area Hospital Modular Women’s Health Center

    This 3,696-square-foot women’s health and prenatal center proved to be the answer to the Latrobe Area Hospital’s looming space problems. The hospital needed a modular healthcare facility as soon as possible, and we were more than happy to help. The modular medical building was conveniently constructed just across the street in a previously vacant lot. The portable medical clinic’s unique design allowed for a 1,500-square-foot storage basement built under the ADA-compliant first floor. Despite our client’s unique requirements, we were still able to get this modular clinic ready for occupancy in under 75 days.

    Hall Ambulance

    This single wide modular building was custom built as extra office space for an ambulance company that was quickly outgrowing its office building. The site allowed for the building to be pit set at ground level. By using the same color of paint and fabric awnings over the windows, the unit has exterior finishing that blends with the existing building on the same site. Because this building was set to ground level, no steps or ramps were needed. This allowed the building to be completely ADA accessible. The cost of this building is 1/3 less than that of a stick built building at the same location. The unit is easily relocatable making it a more cost effective solution for future growth. By utilizing a previously used building, the Hall Ambulance office module created less of an overall footprint. The original building from 2000 was renovated to "like new" and used less materials than if the unit was built from scratch. cost-effective as the hospital continues to grow and expand.

    Atoka County Medical Center

    This 60’x60’ (5-unit) modular building sits in front of a hospital in Oklahoma, and is used for an overflow for the hospital, to give patients faster service and more time for care, while also providing the doctors with additional work space. The building has thirteen exam rooms, four physician’s offices, one business office, one waiting room, one breakroom, one records room, two nurse’s stations, three restrooms, and three storage closets. The interior of this building has VCG throughout and ceramic tile for the flooring. The exterior is a Hardie panel siding that was held up 2’ from the bottom of the building. The bottom part of the building was finished out in brick.


    Portable Storage and Mobile Office Solutions for the Medical Industry

    Medical care organizations are often in need of more storage and space. Expansions, renovations, emergency response and other activities can cause you to rethink your requirements. Your focus is on patient well-being. Let United Rentals solve your short-term and long-term modular medical space and storage challenges.

    Move Records, Supplies and More to a Better Space

    Your healthcare office may be running out of space. With nowhere else to go, you may be repurposing patient rooms or other inadequate areas to hold files, inventory, supplies, equipment, and anything else that doesn’t have a permanent spot.

    Our storage containers for medical supplies are an excellent fit for medical organizations to take care of these needs and so much more. We provide timely deliveries and pick-ups on our versatile units to ensure that you have the storage you want when you need it. With everything moved to its new home, you can open patient rooms back up, allowing you to serve patient needs more comfortably.

    Hospital Under Construction? Our Hospital Trailers Can Help

    Mobile storage containers come in handy when your building is under construction. You can quickly move things in or out while contractors finish remodels or repairs. Our mobile office trailers are the perfect option for temporary office space. We also provide covered walkways to protect pedestrians and patients during construction.


    Storage and Space Solutions for COVID-19 Operations

    Since the pandemic outbreak, we’ve provided medical care systems with ground level office (GLO) containers and portable storage containers. Organizations have been able to use these units to store PPE, COVID-19 testing and vaccine administration sites, and more. Because we can assemble GLOs and storage containers quickly, they are a good fit for emergencies. Units are available for rent or sale, depending on customer-specific timeline and needs.

    Custom Storage for Specific Health Spaces

    We offer custom storage containers when medical industry customers have specific needs outside of standard storage and office space. Since the containers are customizable, they can be used to serve a wide variety of needs. We’ve provided modified storage containers for modular medical offices (surgical, clinical or dental), emergency rooms, diagnostic centers, portable hyperbaric chamber modules, operating rooms, hospital extensions, labs, imaging centers, and research suites. Our trained and expert staff will work with you to design a suitable modular healthcare facility for your needs.

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