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Worksite Management

Total Control®

Set up a meeting with a Total Control Expert

Set up a meeting with a Total Control Expert

Unlock a smarter worksite today.

We’re changing the way work gets done on projects big and small. Total Control is a cloud-based worksite management solution that helps you make the most of your equipment fleet — rented and owned — saving time and money.

Whether you manage construction projects or industrial sites, Total Control brings value to your projects and makes life easier for your business. Let Total Control help you use your assets better and cut your annual rental costs by a third.

SEE: Real-time visibility

See your worksite in real time, 24/7. Total Control gives you real-time visibility into both your rented and owned fleet on the field and in the office. Pinpoint the exact location of any piece of connected equipment, view your utilization and find all your account data at a glance.

MANAGE: All-in-one solution

Manage all your rented and owned equipment in one place. With Total Control, you can set alerts that notify you of equipment and billing issues before they become a problem. Order and return equipment, share equipment costs across multiple POs and process invoices — all in one single, easy-to-use system.

MEASURE: Measure and track goals

Measure your equipment utilization and track your progress over time. Total Control also benchmarks your equipment performance against peers with the click of a button. Leverage years of stored data and the world's largest GPS-enabled fleet, set utilization goals and get insight into when is the best time to call equipment off.

OPTIMIZE: Streamline your work

Optimize your worksite to save time and money. Total Control helps you streamline administrative tasks that would otherwise slow down a project. You can lower rental costs by right-sizing your fleet and renting only what you need to get the job done.

total control dashboard
"Without Total Control, there would be waste everywhere. Without it, our costs would spiral. It's effectively taken our spend from $12M to about $4m." — Equipment Director for a major petrochemical refinery
Total Control® peut vous offrir une réduction de vos coûts de location annuels allant jusqu’à un tiers.
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