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Catastrophe et remise en état Hero

Intervention d’urgence

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Keep your operation running even when the unexpected happens.

Contact United Rentals Emergency Response today.

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We're working hard to keep you working safely

In critical situations, having a single source provider can make all the difference. When the unexpected happens, your customers rely on you to find a solution and mitigate interruption and loss - fast. United Rentals a le plus grand réseau d’emplacements et d’équipement partout en Amérique du Nord. We’re here, and we have the assets you need to get you and your customers back on track. Peu importe la catastrophe, peu importe quand, nous vous aiderons à accomplir rapidement la tâche.



Equipment at a moment's notice

Air Quality

Air Quality Machines

Hydroxl units, air scrubbers/negative air machines and hepa vacuums/filters to keep your air clean.

Électricité temporaire

Électricité temporaire

From scheduled shutdowns to system failures, United Rentals offers you unmatched solutions and reliable performance. With over 900 MW of power in North America and 24/7 real-time response, we've got you covered.

Portable Sanitation

Portable Sanitation

When ease, service and cleanliness are a must, our Reliable Onsite Services team is ready to deliver. Our wide selection of portable sanitation products all come expertly serviced and full stocked — so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Traffic Control

Traffic Control Signs

Arrow boards have an integrated solid-state controller that lets you choose from 7 or 12 flashing and sequential patterns. The system ensures continuous operation without intervention, with high-efficiency LEDs and maintenance-free batteries. Many sizes and configurations are available, including skid, trailer and truck-mount models.

Floor Care

produits d’entretien des planchers

Offering pickup sweepers, scrubbers and tile scrapers to keep your facility clean.



Reach forklifts, telescopic material handlers and rough terrain forklifts to move material in any environment.

Temporary Lighting

Temporary Lighting

Towable light towers and portable work lights for indoor and outdoor use. We offer a full range of products that can provide bright light and power to your jobsite.

remorques pour interventions d’urgence
Remorques pour interventions d’urgence

Emergency Response Trailers (ERTs) available from United Rentals consist of 53' trailers with 300 air movers and 80 LGRs, and 16' trailers with 75 air movers and 25 LRGs.

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Your partner in Public Health Emergency response

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we supported our customers in their construction of field hospitals and drive-up test locations, their creation of temporary housing, and their repurposing of existing buildings into temporary medical facilities. 

We can quickly assess, design, and deploy integrated equipment solutions in construction, power & HVAC, sanitation, and more. We are ready to work with you to rapidly deploy equipment solutions to help with your immediate response needs.


Your partner for any emergency situation

Construct temporary facilities

With the largest fleet of equipment in North America, we stand ready to rapidly respond with:

  • Aerial work platforms including scissor, boom, and vertical lifts

  • Material handling equipment including warehouse and reach forklifts

  • Traffic control and site signage including barrier walls, arrow and message boards

  • Full range of temporary power and lighting solutions

  • Water and waste tanks for placed office trailers with scheduled service

Maintain critical support services

Our team of experts has experience in critical need situations and can put maintenance equipment on your site quickly, including:

  • Complete portable sanitation solutions including hand wash stations, portable toilets and restroom trailers with hand wash stations,
    hand sanitizing stands, and shower trailers

  • Floor care products including a full range of floor scrubbers and sweepers

  • Full range of HVAC products including air scrubbers, negative air machines with HEPA filtration, and portable air conditioners and heaters

Manage ongoing operations

We offer a number of products and services to help you effectively manage operations of your temporary facilities, including:

  • Power generation, temporary lighting (indoor and outdoor) and site signage
  • Shower and laundry trailers with generators including service of waste
  • Fully stocked portable sanitation solutions including single and multiple standard portable toilets with hand wash stations

About United Rentals' Emergency Response

Learn about our history and our process below.

What is the Emergency Response Team?

Team United has always been ready to help. Through more than 20 years of natural disasters, the 9/11 attacks and now COVID-19, we’ve taken great care of our customers, communities and each other. Three years ago, we began to channel that outpouring of help through a new emergency management structure that can adapt to any circumstances.

The first step was to establish an Emergency Response Team of employee volunteers, who now number more than a thousand. The ERT became the springboard for a far-reaching emergency management structure that combines national capacity, mobility and expertise into a coordinated response.

United Rentals has become even more agile in disaster response by bringing consistency to every stage of the process.

How does United Rentals approach emergency situations?

Our structure addresses all four stages of the emergency lifecycle: mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. Mitigation and preparedness are a constant focus for our emergency management leaders. We can shave critical hours off hurricane response times by working through mock scenarios in advance. For instance, we ask ourselves:

If a Category 5 hurricane made landfall on the Virginia coast, how many branches would be impacted? What would be the best sequence of response? What functional experts would be needed? Where should the command post be located?

Our goal is to think through the solutions before the challenges arise.

What can I expect from United Rentals' Emergency Response Team?

The response for every major event starts at the highest level with our executive steering committee. The committee moves quickly to assess the situation and define the logistics of the response. From there, the plan flows to the Emergency Operations Center, or EOC.

Each disaster has its own EOC — a command post that sets up as close as safely possible to the disaster site. This is where the response and communications are coordinated. United Rentals can stand up an EOC in a matter of hours, bringing together region and district leaders and a cross-functional team of experts from human resources, legal, real estate, fleet management, technology and finance. The EOC sets the objectives and executes them.

Once the dust settles from a disaster, we use the experience to make our next response that much better. We might apply learnings from a hurricane in Florida to a wildfire in Canada — or to a coronavirus no one saw coming. The structure we designed is adaptable to every type of crisis.

How did the ERT respond to the COVID-19 pandemic?

When COVID-19 arrived, it was unlike any emergency we had dealt with before. And true to our culture, Team United was eager to help. Our emergency management structure was literally a lifesaver — in very short order, the safety communications began flowing from the steering committee, to the EOC, to our employees on the front lines. As the world learned more about the virus and health experts weighed in, we continued to adapt our protocols in near-real-time, rolling them out to our branches.

The pandemic has been truly unprecedented for everyone, but at United Rentals, one aspect seems very familiar. We’re navigating it successfully with the same disciplined, “people-first” approach we deploy in every disaster. It was gratifying to see how our emergency management structure clicked into place to protect our employees and their families — and from there, our customers and communities.


Real stories of emergencies close to home

Solutions gouvernementales
Support for Government Agencies

Sur une base nationale, étatique et locale, United Rentals appuie les agences du gouvernement avec de l’équipement, des solutions et une équipe d’experts de premier calibre afin d’accomplir la tâche. We hold GSA contract GS-06F-0068R under Schedule 51V, for equipment rentals, new equipment purchases and order-level materials (OLM).  SINs 532310, 332510S and OLM. Permettez-nous d’être votre partenaire pour vos besoins en matière d’approvisionnement.

Nous sommes là pour vous aider

Solutions when you need them

Premier sur les lieux avec des solutions d’électricité et de contrôle thermique

Chaque urgence nécessite une intervention rapide et renseignée. Lorsque l’imprévu se produit, comptez sur United Rentals et le plus grand réseau de location d’équipements électriques et CVC partout en Amérique du Nord pour atténuer les interruptions et les pertes, et ce, rapidement.

Notre équipe d’experts est disponible 24 heures sur 24, 7 jours sur 7 pour fournir des solutions d’alimentation électrique et de contrôle thermique en cas de catastrophe lorsque les entreprises et les communautés en ont le plus besoin. Des génératrices industrielles aux radiateurs portatifs et aux climatiseurs, appelez notre ligne d’urgence dédiée pour obtenir des solutions d’alimentation électrique, de chauffage et de refroidissement.

suivi d’une tempête au radar
Réponse rapide grâce aux solutions de toilettes portatives pour les secours en cas d’urgence

Les urgences exigent des interventions rapides et renseignées. When disaster strikes, count on Reliable Onsite Services to quickly accommodate the community and volunteers with portable restrooms, hand wash stations and more.

En tant que fournisseur certifié par la General Services Administration, nous sommes autorisés à travailler avec les organismes gouvernementaux en cas d’urgence. Peu importe l’exigence, nous avons les produits et les ressources pour configurer rapidement le camp de base et aider ceux qui en ont besoin en leur proposant des toilettes portatives neuves, propres et méticuleusement entretenues.


More on Emergency Response

Read more about emergency preparedness, response and support. 

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