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Application mobile United Rentals

A smarter worksite in the palm of your hands.

Off-rent, extend, manage and track your equipment – all from your phone.


Streamline projects and get on with your day.



Track Your Deliveries

Keep one step ahead with detailed delivery status and accurate ETAs for all your deliveries.



Find Your Equipment

Leverage GPS technology to see your equipment on a map and track utilization of telematics-enabled equipment.



Request Service

Request service for a specific piece of equipment, select the nature of the issue, upload photos and confirm equipment location. We’ll handle the rest.



Request Pickup & Extend Rental

Off-rent or extend equipment in seconds. Adjust dates by contract or a single piece of equipment, which gives visibility into leniency windows and cost-saving opportunities.



Manage & Pay Invoices

View open and closed Invoices on your account, pay in just a few taps with existing payment methods



View Your Dashboard

Get a quick summary of your rentals. Filter equipment lists by status, cat-class or jobsite to see what needs action. Just sign in and link your rental account to get started.

homme utilisant l’application mobile
Téléchargez l’application mobile United Rentals

Safety and productivity go hand in hand. And with the United Rentals Mobile App it’s easier than ever to work smarter and safer. Its intuitive design and core functionalities help you solve every day worksite challenges – from anywhere.

With the United Rentals Mobile App, you can off-rent equipment in seconds, track fleet through GPS technology, browse the world’s largest online equipment rental catalog with accurate pricing, request service and access your account. Tap into what you need and get on with your day.

It’s the ultimate tool to help ramp up productivity and optimize efficiencies. And we’re just getting started.


United Rentals Mobile App Resources


Excavator Trench Shield
Demander une cueillette

Streamline your off-rent-ready equipment by selecting your overdue machines for pickup, choose the date and time that works for you, and get extra cost-saving tips along the way.

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Delivery Tracker

Pick the equipment you want to track and check out the status updates on the delivery timeline. Once your equipment has been delivered, note the time and place of drop-off.

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Demande de réparation

Quickly schedule service and reduce downtime. Let us know what equipment needs attention and we’ll take it from there.

Foire aux questions

Foire aux questions
How can I pay invoices in the app?

Through the ‘Invoices’ Screen

  1. Select one or multiple ‘Open’ invoices

  2. Select ‘Pay Now’
  3. Select from any existing payment method
  4. Select ‘Submit Payment’
  5. Upon successful payment you will receive confirmation sent to the email within your digital profile

*Note: managing and paying invoices is dependent on permissions as setup by the account Administrator.

How can I add a new payment method?

To add new payment methods, please visit

You’ll be able to setup new payment methods within the app soon. We’ll let you know when that feature is available.

To Set Up Online Payments in Total Control:

  1. Click “Admin” Tab
  2. Click “ACH Payments”
  3. Click “Select Account(s)”
  4. At the Right, click “Create”


  1. Click “Credit Card Payments”
  2. At the far right of the page, click “Create”
  3. Be sure to input all 4 digits (month and year) for your credit card expiration date
  4. Follow the prompts and make sure the card is your “Default”

To Make Payments in Total Control:

  1. Go to the “Invoice” tab
  2. Then go to the "Open" tab (only Unpaid invoices are in the Open tab)  
  3. Check each box to the left on the line that you want to pay
  4. Go straight up, above the “Paid” tab and click “Submit for Payment”
  5. There is now a credit card surcharge of 1.8%.


Where can I submit a Service Request in the app for my rental?
  1. Through the ‘Equipment’ screen, users can select ‘Quick Actions’ on the given rental and then ‘Request Service’.
  2. Select your equipment issue or ‘Other’ if not listed.
  3. Provide as much detail as possible in the ‘Issue’ field in addition to any photos that would be of help.


Comment puis-je effectuer une location à partir de l’application?

Via “Search Catalog” in the ‘Dashboard’ screen, you will be directed to where you can browse and rent from the catalog 24.7.

Comment puis-je annuler un enlèvement?

Please contact your rep or support to do so. Follow these instructions below to find your point of contact.

Via the ‘Equipment’ screen:

  1. Choose your desired rental.
  2. Find the ‘Rental Branch’ section and you will see the phone number associated with the respective rental branch that you can call.
How can I update the Purchase Order for my rental?

Through the ‘Equipment’ screen:

  1. Choose your desired rental.
  2. Go to the ‘Contract’ section.
  3. Select ‘Edit’ in the Purchase Order field
How can I link another rental account?

Through the ‘Settings’ screen:

  1. Select ‘Switch’ under the “Account” section.
  2. From here, select ‘Link Another Rental Account’, then select “Help” and then “Email Support” to retrieve your rental account PIN.
  3. Upon receiving your PIN from support, you can return to the Link Rental Account screen and enter your Account # and respective pin.
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Technical Support Questions

Need an answer on your digital profile? Please contact us at:

Rental Related Questions

Need an answer on your pickup request, extension, or equipment service? Please visit our Customer Care Center page.


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