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Employés de United Rentals
United Rentals

Notre culture

UR employees culture

A passion for people.

As our company grows, so does the need to ensure that we attract and retain a talented team that we welcome new talent to the United Rentals family and provide a world-class workplace. Our capacity to engage and inspire our people is the cornerstone of our ability to exceed our customers’ expectations and fulfill our mission. We are also dedicated to supporting the communities where we live and work, amplifying the positive impact our company and team can bring.

Since the first branch opened in 1997, United Rentals has been a leader in the rental industry. Every project and program we promote upholds our commitment to build a better and stronger future through safety, service, respect, diversity, and integrity.

We can only build a better future if all our 20,000+ employees and our millions of customers feel safe, accepted, and a part of the United Rentals family.

“We strive to build a better United Rentals that is inclusive, empowered, and safe – where members of our United Family go home each day even better than they arrived. It is our responsibility to take care of, support, and encourage one another in all that we do We all play an important and active role in fostering a culture of integrity, trust, and understanding, and we are committed to continuous growth that can only broaden our perspectives by listening, learning, and encouraging others to do the same. Together, we will build an even better future.”


Keys of Culture

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Safety & Wellness

The state of being in good health physically, mentally, and emotionally.  We often talk about physical safety and wellness at UR as avoiding injury, but consider what it means to be emotionally and mentally safe and healthy at work.



Diversity & Inclusion

Having an environment that allows individuals from a wide range of cultures, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to thrive. This includes celebrating and leveraging our variety of skill sets, treating everyone fairly and respectfully, and giving everyone access to opportunities and resources that allow them to contribute fully to the organization’s success.



Communication & Trust

The ability to effectively, accurately, and appropriately share information with each other, the belief in the reliability of that person, and the belief that the information is true. Working to understand another person’s perspective, situation, or personal circumstance (empathy) helps us improve our ability to communicate with and trust in each other.


Safety & Wellness at United Rentals

At heart, United Rentals is about helping our customers build the future – safely. Safety for our employees and our customers is paramount in everything we do. Ours is a “safety first and always” culture. It’s among our most significant differentiators.

We’ve implemented a holistic safety program that looks at every step at worksites to ensure that workers are trained properly and that injuries and accidents are prevented. We’re constantly improving our processes and procedures to remain ahead of the curve and to try to prevent accidents before they happen.

Our safety efforts are rooted in our Safe Work Practices and Life Safety Rules, which serve as our standard operating procedures, and are monitored by the dedicated safety professionals in the field and at headquarters. All of our employees are empowered with stop-work authority if they observe an unsafe or potentially hazardous working condition or behavior, regardless of whether it involves an employee, customer or third party.

Branches have a Safety Champion, who works with employees to promote safe practices and perform monthly inspections. This includes daily huddles and regular discussions on a safety topic. We keep the focus on safety by tracking and reviewing observations and near misses and through monthly performance updates and safety newsletters. We also recognize outstanding safety behaviors through our annual awards program.

Motivating all United Rentals employees to be proactive about safety awareness and incident prevention is key to ongoing progress. Our Master Safety Training courses create repeatable habits that cultivate an inherently safer environment. Our continuous innovation mindset means we will keep refining our existing programs and developing new ways to further our leadership position on safety.

safety word cloud

Safety in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is enabling United Rentals to enhance safety training and give users a realistic, hands-on experience in the digital world. United Academy is using VR to train workers on forklifts and mobile elevated work platforms without the risks of real-world errors. The use of VR also enables us to train several operators simultaneously without delays due to inclement weather. We can use VR technology to train people on most pieces of equipment.

We’re constantly thinking about the worksite of the future and how our training offerings can best support it

Safety in Management System

Our comprehensive safety management system incorporates both electronic and written tracking components. We use our electronic system to track relevant leading and lagging metrics, while our written system, which is part of our Injury Illness Prevention Plan, provides standards from a safety perspective. This system covers all employees.

Performance Results

United Rentals was ranked in the top quartile for safety across all industry sectors in 2020 and continues to lead the industry in safety performance. In 2020, we had a total recordable incident rate (TRIR) of 0.95, toward a goal of zero.

2020 recordable chart

Protecting Our Team During the Pandemic

COVID-19 health and safety precautions were at the forefront of our safety efforts in 2020. The cross-functional Emergency Operations Center deployed a full safety plan for all of our branches in accordance with guidance from the CDC.

Promoting Wellness 

Our Live Well, Safe & Healthy program is a comprehensive approach to wellness that encourages healthy lifestyle behaviors and helps to raise the morale, productivity and overall engagement of our employees. The program includes biometric screening at work or off-site, a health assessment, a paid wellness day off, tobacco cessation support and participation incentives. Additionally, employees and family members can participate in virtual health challenges to encourage daily activity. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions during 2020, we adapted the program to provide more virtual offerings, enable remote participation. 

Through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), we provide a variety of free and confidential services to help employees manage day-to-day stress and responsibilities of balancing work and personal lives. These services include childcare resources and mental health counseling. 


Diversity & Inclusion

Investing in and caring for the people who take care of our business is our top priority. We work hard to provide a positive, inclusive workplace where our employees can thrive and benefit from the multiple career paths United Rentals provides. We are proud of the recognition United Rentals has received as a top employer and strive to continue to be a workplace of choice.

High levels of employee engagement increase retention and improve productivity, which in turn helps reduce hiring and training investments and contributes to operational and financial performance.

We foster employee engagement through a holistic approach to human capital management, from recruitment and onboarding to ongoing development, performance management and recognition, many of which are highlighted below.

Our unique culture plays a key role as well, helping connect employees with shared objectives and encouraging collaboration, collective strengths and team building. In addition, our inclusion and diversity initiatives play an important role in promoting employee engagement.

Attracting and Retaining Talent

The equipment rental industry has high turnover traditionally, making retention of particular importance to us. Our recruitment strategies, such as attending career events, participating in job fairs, and working directly with recruiters, help us reach a diverse pool of applicants for our team. Our employee referral program helps us find top candidates and provides insight into levels of engagement among our current employees. We also have a strong track record for promoting from within, which encourages retention.

We also offer competitive compensation and benefits, including health insurance, paid time off, a retirement plan and education assistance. Our Kneeland Scholars program, highlighted on the following page, offers scholarship opportunities for children of our employees. Learn more at our website.

Minority Recruitment

United Rentals is committed to actively attracting and recruiting diverse talent. We build relationships at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) to recruit students about to enter the workforce. 


Talent Profile

2020 talent profile

Building an Engaged and Diverse Team

At United Rentals, we firmly believe that an inclusive and diverse team is key to the success of our culture. We are intentionally focused on attracting, retaining and developing diverse talent. While recognizing that we still have room for growth, we continue to set aggressive goals for ourselves to not only attract, develop and retain top, diverse talent but also to create an inclusive culture where our entire team can feel free to be their authentic selves, feel supported in their professional development and achieve optimal levels of success. We learned through our 2020 Employee Experience Survey that 85% of our team feel a sense of belonging, and 85% feel they are treated fairly and with respect at United Rentals – we strive to enhance these sentiments that drive and energize our inclusive culture.

We embrace diversity of race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, transgender status and any other protected expression. We believe that varied perspectives best leverage employee talents, leading to creative thinking, open communication and greater customer and team engagement.

For more information on our employee diversity efforts, see

2020 Diversity

We are proud of our progress and are intent on improving. The following is an overview of diversity at various levels of the company in 2020.

2020 diversity

A message from our CEO:

At United Rentals, we continuously strive to build a more inclusive culture that does not tolerate racism or any injustice.

The events in the first half of 2020 have focused our actions internally and encouraged honest dialogue within our team. We are speaking more directly to one another and on a deeper level about racism and inequality in a way that reflects our culture – through the lens of compassion, inclusion and respect.

We vow to do our part in driving the positive changes needed inside and outside of our company. Together, we can create a better future for all.

– Matt Flannery, President and CEO

Diversity Over Time

The information below highlights our strong commitment to increasing our overall diversity within the company. We are proud of our improvements over the last few years — especially that the percentage of diverse employees in sales and management positions has increased - and continue to strive toward making our company more diverse.

2020 diversity over time

Employee Resource Groups

Our ability to support customers and improve as a company is enhanced by the unique backgrounds and perspectives of our team. Recognizing that a key to maximizing diversity is ensuring team members feel included, supported, valued and respected, we support three voluntary and inclusive employee resource groups (ERGs): Together United, Women United and Veterans United.

Together United helps jumpstart courageous conversations and encourages open dialogue around breaking down barriers to inclusion, diversity, unconscious bias, qualities of an inclusive leader and more.

Together United recently launched our internal “Beyond the Uniform” initiative. The goal of this effort was to learn more about our team by looking beyond our assumptions and biases. Through this experience, we better understood the value of embracing our differences. Together United also sponsors a career development platform, UR Pathway, where participants can engage with leaders and find helpful resources to further develop their career at United Rentals.

Women United focuses on leading the transformation of our industry’s gender diversity. Construction has been a historically male-populated industry and we want to help change that by driving the competitive advantage of diversity, and support inclusion through networking, education, and the promotion of career opportunities for our female team members.

When a female team member joins the company, Women United reaches out to welcome the new team member with a phone call and new hire package. Women United makes it a priority to stay connected with our team by celebrating important career milestones like promotions, anniversaries and significant accomplishments. We also actively engage with and support the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) at the national and local level.

Veterans United is open to all employees regardless of their military service and was formed to help support and promote our veterans. After leaving military service, veterans enter the workforce with skills like leadership, teamwork and discipline, which naturally align with our values and culture.

Veterans United participates in fundraising events by supporting veteran organizations in our communities and by donating their time and talents through a day of service at Fisher House, Valour Place and many other veteran supporting organizations. Veterans may also display their service on their uniform and vehicle, an initiative that was fostered by Veterans United.


Communication & Trust

Maintaining Open Communication

Open communication among employees at all levels fosters respect, accountability, engagement and a strong sense of belonging. We utilize Workplace by Facebook as a virtual community to connect our team in a collaborative setting, no matter where they are physically located.

Other communication channels we use include quarterly all-employee calls, town hall meetings, engagement surveys and UR Ideas, which encourages grassroots suggestions from employees. Listening to our team is one of the most important aspects of our culture, and the feedback we receive allows us to continuously improve

Recognizing Excellence

Our award and recognition programs provide a way for us to applaud team members who go above and beyond to contribute to the company’s success and to reinforce our priorities and culture. In addition to informal, day-to-day recognitions and posts on our social media site, we have annual awards that recognize outstanding performance at the regional, district, branch and individual levels in areas such as safety, customer service, quality, human capital and continuous improvement.

United Rentals also has a program for employees to nominate other employees as part of our 1UR program. The process includes a coin to recognize efforts in Our Customers, Our Fleet and Our Team.

Customer Service

Our intense focus on the customer and delivering an exceptional experience is embedded in our culture. Our customer-first approach, 1UR, provides the overarching framework. Launched in 2017 with continued deployment and training, 1UR has permeated our culture and enabled our branch teams to deliver measurable improvements in customer service.

1UR: Working Together to Deliver Our Commitment to Service and Safety

1UR enables a distributed company such as ours to operate as a unified team, connecting employees across the company in achieving our objectives. This shared commitment helps us solve challenges for customers by working together, and keeps our employees focused on leveraging their collective strengths. The success of this teamwork is evident in our 1UR peer recognition program. In 2019, our team members celebrated over 16,000 moments of exceptional service.

Culture Nominations

The progress and ongoing advancement of 1UR is led by a guiding coalition, which meets several times a year to discuss opportunities to elevate customer service further. Developments in 2019 include hosting two 1UR Customer Days, events at which our team members meet with a selected customer directly at our branch. Attendees tour the location and provide feedback on their decisions and experience with United Rentals, enabling greater dialogue and understanding.

Helping Our UR Family

The strong sense of family and purpose at United Rentals supports a compassionate and caring workplace. The United Compassion Fund is an employee-funded 501(c)(3) charity that provides financial assistance to fellow employees in need.

In 2020, $1,407,506 in donations to the fund were voluntarily made by our employees and our Board members. Employees received 195grants totaling $754,704.

Funds are distributed through a five-member board made up of employee volunteers who meet weekly to review applications. Recipients have ranged from those affected by Hurricane Harvey and subsequent flooding to the spouse of an employee who went through significant health issues.

Since the program began in 2013, more than $3.6 million has been distributed to employees in need.

United Compassion Fund Quote


United Compassion Fund

United Compassion Fund

Joe and Analy Cuevas were like many expectant parents: excited and nervous. The Yuma, Ariz., couple, including Joe a United Rentals branch manager, were expecting their first child and ready for their son to be born.

However, that all changed quickly. Analy experienced health issues that ended in a miscarriage. Both Joe and Analy were devastated – and the couple was suddenly under financial pressure as well. Medical and funeral bills were adding up.

The United Compassion Fund came to help. Unbeknown to Joe, a request to the fund was made on his behalf, which was granted. His branch even held a charity softball game, with the initials of his son on the sleeves of the jerseys.

“The Compassion Fund is about being united together,” Joe said. “It’s about being part of a family and being a part of something bigger than ourselves.”


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