Other Welder Accessories for Rent

Acetylene Cylinder
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Acetylene Cylinder, Size 5, 330 cubic ft.

  • 251 PSI
  • Actual volume of gas in the cylinder may fluctuate based on numerous conditions
  • Durable steel body
  • Meets DOT and/or ISO regulations
  • Utilisations : Ideal for production line welding in factories, shipyards, construction sites, and jobsites, for metal fabrication, maintenance, and repair
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Argon Tank Double Flow Meter
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Argon Gas Regulator Double Flow Meter

  • Perfect for hooking up the same tank to multiple machines
  • Accurately measures and displays gas flow
  • Large, easy to read, shatter-resistant flow meter gauge
  • Great for Miller, Lincoln, Hobart, HTP and most other welders
  • Utilisations : Ideal for production line welding in factories, shipyards, construction sites and jobsites requiring argon welding applications
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Cylinder Oxygen 125 Cubic Feet
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High Pressure Steel Oxygen Cylinder, 125 cubic ft.

  • Industrial steel cylinder
  • 249 cubic feet of oxygen
  • Commonly used in laser and plasma cutting
  • Meets DOT and/or ISO regulations
  • Utilisations : Ideal for oxygen welding applications and general metal fabrication
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Gougeage d’arc pneumatique
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Industrial Grade Air Arc Gouging Torch

  • Heavy-duty carbon arc air gouging
  • Copper-clad electrodes
  • High-temperature safe handle
  • High heat- and abrasion-resistant cable hose
  • Utilisations : Shipyards or jobsites where gouging, joint preparation, removing of pores and cracks, chamfering, cutting, surface treatment, and hole piercing of all metals is required
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Baril de mélange pour montage oxyacétylénique

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Oxygen/Acetylene Rosebud Heating Tip

  • Copper gas tube with angled tip
  • Female threaded brass coupling with hex bolster
  • Multiflame heating head
  • Helpful in confined work spaces
  • Utilisations : Ideal for heat treating, straightening and priming
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Oxygen/Acetylene Welding and Cutting Torch Kit

  • Compact design stores easily
  • Regulators provide efficient and dependable control of gases
  • Includes reverse flow check valves for added safety
  • Readable and legible dual scale 2" gauges.
  • Utilisations : Ideal for oxygen-acetylene use to heat, weld, braze, silver-solder, and cut for auto repair, HVAC applications, and general maintenance.
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Pin and Sleeve Plug, 60 amp, Male

  • Copper-free aluminum with electrostatically applied epoxy
  • 60 amps
  • Engineered to withstand the toughest extremes in climate
  • Watertight
  • Utilisations : Ideal to help match high-current power sources
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Potentiometer Extension Cable, 100 ft.

  • Extension cable to allow positioning in the shop or on the jobsite
  • For use with potentiometer for welding
  • Cable is built to be resistant of contaminants
  • 100' extension cord
  • Utilisations : Use to attach potentiometer in convenient jobsite location when you may be farther from your welding machine
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Tig Welding Foot Control
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Remote Amperage Control Foot Pedal for TIG Welding

  • Innovative smart connector for TIG torch
  • 6' cord
  • Provides optimum amperage needed for any TIG welding project
  • Provides a variable resistance output in a pedal-style housing
  • Utilisations : Ideal for regulating amperage for TIG welding
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Welders and Accessories
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Welder, Generator and Compressor Kit

  • Kit includes welder, generator and air compressor
  • 12V battery charger and 12/24V battery booster
  • Crochet de levage et plateau pour la batterie intégrés
  • 40 CFM rotary screw compressor
  • Utilisations : Ideal for light- to medium-duty construction, automotive or industrial applications
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cutting rig
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Welding Cutting Outfit with Tote

  • Light- to medium-duty portable outfit
  • Includes: twin hose, cutting attachment, torch handle, regulators
  • Popular for general maintenance work
  • Tote is convenient for portability on the jobsite
  • Utilisations : Ideal for production line welding in factories, shipyards, construction sites, and jobsites, for metal fabrication, maintenance, and repair
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Clamp Ground
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Welding Ground Clamp with Whip

  • 2-4' whip
  • Copper cast upper and lower jaws
  • Insulated spring
  • Connect the metal enclosure of your welding machine to the ground
  • Utilisations : Use in any welding task on the jobsite to ground your welding machine
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black welding helmet
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Casque de soudage

  • Adjustable strap
  • Durable lens shade
  • Functional and clean
  • United Rentals communiquera avec vous pour confirmer les exigences
  • Utilisations : Ideal for protecting welding operators from sparks, heat, burns and UV light
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Welding Safety Screen pack shot
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Welding Safety Screen Accessory

  • Safety accessory for welding rigs
  • Made from flame-resistant material
  • Can stand up to the heat of welding work
  • Secure and easy setup
  • Utilisations : Ideal for enclosing your welding work area to contain spatter and sparks
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Marteau pour silex
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Welding Torch Single Flint Striker

  • Long-life lighter with generous flint
  • Rotating wear-resistant file
  • Nickel-plated hood
  • Ignite your torch under all working conditions
  • Utilisations : Ideal for safely lighting welding and cutting torches
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black Wire Feeder
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Wire Feeder MIG

  • Accessibilité par un rouleau d’entraînement
  • Contrôle à distance de la tension
  • Étui robuste et durable
  • Cable jacketed for maximum flexibility and resistance to cuts, tears, and abrasions
  • Utilisations : Ideal for MIG welding
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Wire Feeder Mig Pack shot
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Wire Feeder MIG, Semiautomatic

  • Sélection de la plage de vitesse
  • Étui robuste et durable
  • Interrupteur de verrouillage pour la gâchette disponible
  • Commutateur de polarité de la tension disponible
  • Utilisations : Ideal for MIG welding
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Wraparound Pipe Marker

  • Includes several measurements for utility pipes
  • Légère et portative
  • Facile à utiliser
  • Several pipe sizes are available
  • Utilisations : Ideal for marking a straight line on various pipes, including water, gas and other utilities
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