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United Rentals trailer fleet is durable, heavy-duty construction grade and ready to haul all your equipment, from power tools to golf carts. Our rental trailer options include basic utility trailers, equipment trailers, construction trailers, water trailers and more. 

Trailers FAQs

Is an aluminum or galvanized trailer better?

  • Choosing between an aluminum or galvanized trailer depends on your usage needs. Aluminum is water-resistant, lighter and less prone to corrosion than steel. Galvanized steel is carbon steel dipped into zinc and coated. It can be heavier and is typically more expensive. However, thinking through your hauling needs, you might consider one over the other. For example, an aluminum trailer would be ideal as a boat trailer for fresh water only. A galvanized trailer rental could be used for more industrial, heavy-duty hauling for a construction or building site. 

What are the types of trailers?

  • There are many types of trailers, from flatbeds to refrigerated to water. It’s important to choose a trailer that satisfies your project’s load needs. Our fleet features a variety of trailers — such as 500-gallon water trailers, mobile tool trailers, furniture trailers, walk-behind trencher trailers, single-axle hydraulic trailers and many more — to fit your exact hauling needs.  

How far back should a trailer axle be?

  • Correct placement of the trailer axle can ensure safe and easy towing for your construction and industrial hauling needs. The rule of thumb for placement is the 60/40 rule. Measure the length of the trailer cargo box or platform, but do not include the trailer tongue. Then, multiply this length times 0,4. The result is the distance from the center of the cargo box to the center of the axle. For example, a 10-foot box is 10 x 0,4 = 4. You would mount the axle so that the axle center point is 4 feet from the rear of the trailer.


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Catégorie/classe : 920-9060

Permanent Fuel Tank for Trailer

This item is not available for online ordering.

Request more information about this Power & HVAC product and one of our specialty representatives will contact you shortly.

  • Permanently attaches to trailers
  • Tanks ranges in size from 260-512 gallons
  • Couvercle de caisson verrouillable
  • Œillets de levage, charge complète
  • Easily access hard-to-reach pieces of equipment
  • Uses: Ideal to attach permanently to trailers for worksite fueling with multiple ports to connect several pieces of equipment to the same tank
Catégorie/classe : 920-3200

Cable Reel Trailer, Small

  • Easy to load and unload single reel trailer
  • Transport cable and unhitch trailer with cable ready to go
  • Single axle trailer
  • Up to 3,000-lb. load capacity
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Catégorie/classe : 920-9952

Trailer Hitch, Slide-in Pintle Ball Combination

  • 2" to 2-5/16" options available
  • Slide-in pintle hook
  • Tow rating varies to model
  • United Rentals will contact you to confirm your requirements
  • Uses: Trailer hitch accessory for trailer rental
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Catégorie/classe : 920-3020

Utility Trailer, 10 ft.-14 ft., Tandem Axle

  • 10' to 14' long and 5,000-lb. axles
  • Heavy-duty to tow all your equipment to your next site
  • Heavy-duty to tow all your equipment or construction vehicles to your next site
  • Multiple models available
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