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United Rentals offers a variety of vehicles suited for construction sites, power plants, drilling operations, and other off-road and rough-terrain jobsites. From truck rentals and utility vehicles to water trailers and dump trailers to automobile tow dollies, and much more, we have the powered carts and equipment you need to get around your jobsite. 

Trucks & Trailers FAQs

Does car insurance cover rental trucks?

  • United Rentals has specific legal guidelines that address insurance coverage requirements necessary for renting equipment. For U.S. customers and Canadian customers, please review Customer’s Insurance Coverage on our Rental Service Terms page. Additionally, we are always on standby to answer any and all questions you might have. Please call United Rentals today.

Can you tow a trailer or camper with a rental truck?

  • United Rentals carries various sizes of heavy-duty trucks that can haul equipment and materials as well as tow loads up to 17 000 lbs. We also offer a fleet of trailers to accompany our rental trucks. Reach out to United Rentals today for help setting up a trailer to suit your towing needs. 

How often should I service my United Rentals truck rental?

  • We want to help keep your equipment in top-operating condition, whether owned or rented. Please talk with your local United Rentals location for your truck rental. For your owned vehicles, our Customer Equipment Solutions team specializes in equipment repair and service in the field and on-site, so you can protect your investment; safeguard your employees; and meet ANSI, OSHA, and CSA requirements. 


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Catégorie/classe : 920-9060

Permanent Fuel Tank for Trailer

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Request more information about this Power & HVAC product and one of our specialty representatives will contact you shortly.

  • Permanently attaches to trailers
  • Tanks ranges in size from 260-512 gallons
  • Couvercle de caisson verrouillable
  • Œillets de levage, charge complète
  • Easily access hard-to-reach pieces of equipment
  • Uses: Ideal to attach permanently to trailers for worksite fueling with multiple ports to connect several pieces of equipment to the same tank
Catégorie/classe : 950-2275

3/4-ton Pickup Truck, 4WD

  • Tow up to 17 890 lbs.
  • Up to 440 horsepower engine
  • Torque up to 925 lb.-ft.
  • 4-wheel drive for rough terrain
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Catégorie/classe : 950-2250

Half Ton Pickup Truck, 2WD

  • Towing capacity up to 12 200 lbs.
  • Haul up to 3 270 lbs.
  • Up to 385 horsepower engine
  • 2-wheel, rear-wheel drive
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