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Tondeuses à louer

Find United Rental’s heavy-duty, gas-powered lawn mowers and weed mowers for rent below. These mowers are ideal for commercial landscaping work or outdoor facilities management even in thick, long grass and weeds.

For our full list of lawn mowers, view the items below. For more information about lawn mowers, visit our resource section.

Vue d’ensemble - Tondeuse
Code de catégorie/classe

Tondeuse, 51 cm

  • Roues robustes pour plus de stabilité
  • Sac à herbe vide pratique
  • Facile à utiliser
  • Largeur de coupe : 51 cm
  • Utilisations : Idéal pour les travaux d’aménagement paysager commerciaux
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vue d’ensemble - tondeuse rouge
Code de catégorie/classe

Tondeuse avec bac à herbe, à essence

  • Tondeuse à pousser dotée d’une poignée réglable pour un confort optimal
  • Hauteur de coupe réglable pour différentes surfaces
  • Robuste pour un usage commercial ou de grands travaux de bricolage
  • Tondeuse avec sac de collecte arrière
  • Utilisations : Idéal pour couper l’herbe sur les pelouses ou les sites d’aménagement paysager
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Débroussailleuse BC2600
Code de catégorie/classe

Walk-behind Weed Mower, Self-propelled, Gas Powered

  • Plateau de coupe de 66 cm de large
  • Système d’entraînement autopropulsé facilitant les déplacements dans l’herbe épaisse et les mauvaises herbes
  • Pour les conditions de coupe les plus difficiles
  • Broussailles jusqu’à 15 cm, herbe jusqu’à 20 cm, jeunes arbres jusqu’à 5 cm de diamètre
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FAQs About Lawn Mowers

Lawn mower rentals include easy-to-operate push mowers with 20-inch wide cutting paths, stable and durable wheels, and grass catchers to make cutting large yards or fields easy for commercial use. United Rentals also offers a walk-behind weed mower, oftentimes called a brush cutter or brush hog, which is a self-propelled, gas-powered machine made to mow in tough cutting conditions such as thick grass up to 8 inches, brush up to 6 inches and saplings up to 2 inches in diameter. Our lawn equipment comes from our trusted manufacturers such as Honda, Toro and Billy Goat.

See the FAQ section below for more information regarding the operation and use of lawn mower equpiment rentals.

How do you mow long grass?

To mow down long grass, follow the rule of thirds: do not cut more than one-third of the length of grass at a time as it could damage the roots and encourage the spread of weeds. Begin by trimming the grass enough to where it is standing upright with no bent blades before you start mowing. After trimming, adjust the mower to its highest setting to make the first pass, then gradually reduce the height of the blades until the mower is returned to its standard height, which is generally between 2 and 3 inches. Be sure to stop frequently so the mower does not get clogged, overheat or stall out, and allow a few days between passes for the grass to recover.

How do you operate a brush mower?

When a handheld brush cutter isn’t big enough, a brush mower is the perfect option. Before you start a brush mower make sure the oil and fuel levels are good, the equipment is placed on even terrain and the cutting blade isn’t in contact with anything. It is recommended to operate a brush mower wearing gloves, eyewear and steel-toed boots. To operate a brush mower, begin by setting the throttle to full speed, pull the choke lever out, jerk the pull-start, then push the choke lever back in. Adjust the shifter to the preferred gear — the three gears to the right of neutral are to move forward; the gear to the left of neutral is to reverse. When the shifter is in place, engage the lever on the left handle to drive and, when ready, engage the lever on the right handle to cut brush.

How do you properly store a lawn mower?

The most ideal place to store lawn mowing equipment is somewhere dry and protected from the elements and extreme weather conditions, such as a garage or shed. If the equipment is being stored outdoors, keep it elevated, covered with a tarp and under an awning or sheltered area if possible. No matter where the mowers are being stored, make sure they are secure, easy to access and allow for proper air flow and ventilation to prevent rust, mold and mildew.

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