Fresh Water/ Waste Water Tank Systems for Rent

United Rentals carries a solid selection of portable waste tank rental options for our customers to choose from. We offer portable waste holding tank rentals, portable restroom water supply kits and porta potty containment trays. We also provide installation and servicing options for your event or jobsite to ensure your fresh and wastewater needs are met.

FAQs About Fresh Water and Wastewater Tanks

What is a wastewater tank?

  • A wastewater tank is a container for storing sewage in vehicles, trailers or porta potties. Our portable waste holding tanks are made of heavy-duty polyethylene for durability.

Do porta potties have tanks?

  • Yes, most porta potties have tanks with the capacity to hold anywhere between 5 and 300 gallons of waste and chemicals. We also offer porta potty spill trays for rent which catch any spills or debris during servicing or cleaning.

What is a porta potty holding tank?

  • Porta potty holding tanks are large, durable containers made to hold excess waste from portable toilets to extend the time needed between emptying. Many holding tanks are made from heavy-duty polyethylene plastic for durability.

Containment Tray
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Porta Potty Containment Tray Accessory

  • 4' by 4'
  • Catch spills from the portable restroom
  • Slides underneath porta potty for cleaning or servicing
  • Easy cleanup
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Fresh Water Supply Kit

  • Accessory for single standard units
  • Freshwater tank included
  • Wastewater containment tank included
  • Non-Potable use only
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Waste Water Holding Tank

  • Heavy-duty polyethylene for durability
  • Multiple service ports
  • Collect restroom waste or shower gray water
  • Fit snugly under portable restroom or shower trailers