Portable Work Lights (44)

Our fleet of portable work lights offers various types of lights and wattage levels to meet your worksite lighting needs. Our lights can be mounted or available on a stand-alone base and are easily transportable. We have options for light strings, balloon lights, light stands, drop lights and hand lamps.


Do you need a new transformer for LED lights?

  • All LED lights need a transformer. However, depending on the type of bulb, the transformer could be built into the bulb or located externally. LED transformers are used for controlling a greater flow of electricity, which could apply to large-scale LED projects. If you have any questions concerning your portable work light needs, United Rentals experts are here to answer any questions you have and provide solutions.

How many watts should an outside light be?

  • For outside lighting purposes, 80 watts and lower is ideal. However, for worksite lighting needs, more wattage might be necessary. United Rentals offers portable work lights that range from 40 watts to 2 000 watts.  

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Catégorie/classe : 555-1059

1,000W Balloon Light Stand

  • Produce bright light without harsh glare or shadows
  • Extendable stand up to 13'
  • Self-inflating balloon
  • Emission-free electric operation
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