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From commercial construction to industrial operations and public projects, the United Rentals team of specialized engineers and technicians provides personalized lighting and power solutions, along with 24/7 response.

With more than 900 MW of power in North America, we’ve got you covered. Our full fleet of portable generators and diesel generators, ranging from 20 ekW to 2 000 ekW, fit any size of temporary power need. Designed for turnkey easy installation, these units provide power for jobsites, businesses and municipalities. We have power solutions to meet a planned shutdown, backup power during an outage or peak load, or help to keep operations up and running after a natural disaster strikes.

 Additionally, ourtowable light towers and portable work lights solve challenges such as lighting a construction jobsite at night, lighting during a planned shutdown or event, or for emergency response crews working around the clock after a natural disaster.


How do I determine what size portable generator I need?

  • To choose the right size portable generator for your jobsite, you’ll need to consider the total wattage required. To do so, add up the total running wattage of all the power tools or equipment you plan to operate from the generator at the same time. Read on to learn more Tips for Choosing a Portable Generator.

What is explosion-proof lighting?

  • Explosion-proof lighting refers to lighting fixtures that are able to contain sparks that could ignite flammable gases in the atmosphere. United Rentals has a selection of explosion-proof lighting options, portable work lights and towable light towers to service your jobsite.

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Catégorie/classe : 555-1059

1,000W Balloon Light Stand

  • Produce bright light without harsh glare or shadows
  • Extendable stand up to 13'
  • Self-inflating balloon
  • Emission-free electric operation
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