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Street sweepers are heavy-duty ride-on equipment used to clean asphalt. Using tough brushes and hydraulic power, sweepers — also known as road brooms or road construction sweepers — remove debris from roads quickly. Sweepers can have up to a 7 1/2 ft. cleaning radius in a single pass, making them ideal for cleaning construction sites or roads.

United Rentals' road sweepers are ideal for cleaning up road-paving projects, cleaning behind milling machines, quarry road clearing and more. Our road sweepers are easy to maneuver and maintain.



Why is street sweeping or road sweeping important?

  • Sweeping up litter and construction debris is an important step in finishing a project. Removing slurry from road paving work and cleaning up broken glass, waste, fallen leaves, spilled hydraulic oils, etc., keeps the site safe. Cleaning up this waste ensures it stays out of gutters in rainy conditions, which can cause flooding. In fact, keeping waste out of gutters is a part of environmental regulations in many states. Street sweepers can complete this important job quickly and effectively. 

How does a street sweeper work?

  • There are many different models of street sweeper. Typically street sweepers have a large tank of water on board that is used to spray water on the road before sweeping. This reduces the amount of dust kicked up by the large bristle brushes. These bristle brushes can spin at thousands of revolutions per minute. Some street sweepers spray compressed air on streets to loosen up debris for sweeping.



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Catégorie/classe : 750-1105

Ride-on Sweeper, 8 ft.

  • 7'6'' sweeping surface ideal for outdoor applications
  • Compartiment climatisé pour le confort de l’opérateur
  • Three-wheel design
  • Frein de stationnement de sécurité et alarme de marche arrière
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