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Vibratory plate compactors are designed for use on granular soils in trenches, parking lots and driveways. They have the power and durability for large, flat work areas such as repairing streets, backfilling trenches, or preparing sites for asphalt or concrete. Plate compactors complete jobs fast, and they are ergonomic for increased productivity and operator comfort. United Rentals has a fleet of vibratory compactors with various weights and impact force for your jobsite needs.



What size plate compactor do I need?

  • You will need to know what type of soil you will be compacting before choosing a compactor. Plate compactors work best on granular soils such as gravel, sand or light asphalt. If you are working with soils that have clay or silt content, then a compactor with higher-impact force will be more productive because those materials are not easily compacted with vibration. Even if you are using a compactor with high-impact force for your site, you can experiment with lift thickness to ensure a good compaction with no cracking. Êtes-vous incertain de ce qu'il vous faut? Call United Rentals at 833-525-6346.

What kind of soil can I use my plate compactor for?

  • Vibratory plate compactors are ideal for granular soils such as gravel, sand, stone dust and 2A aggregates (sandy gravel). Their vibrations move the particles of soil together for higher-density compaction. They can also compact soils with some clay content or asphalt, and they are perfect for finishing the top layer of backfilled trenches. However, if you are working with a high clay- or silt-content material, then a roller or jumping jack rammer compactor would be a better fit for deep compacting.

What compacts better, a jumping jack rammer or plate compactor?

  • Jumping jack rammer compactors are narrower and they have increased impact force. They are ideal for high-clay or high-silt (cohesive) soils and high-moisture soils. If you need to compact the material in a narrow trench or around utility pipes, the rammer compactor is best. If you need to compact a large, flat area with granular soil, the plate compactor is the right choice for you. Instead of relying on impact force, the plate compactor vibrates, which moves the particles of the soil closer together, resulting in high-density compaction. However, the jumping jack and plate compactor work well together: Use the plate compactor to prep the area, the jumping jack to compact the cohesive soils, and the plate compactor to finish.



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