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Our vast inventory from top manufacturers like BOMAG, Ingersoll Rand, Multiquip, and Wacker includes compaction equipment for every surface type: granular, mixed and cohesive soils, asphalt, and sub-bases. From single and double drum rollers, rammers, and plate compactors — for trenches, road construction paving, backfill, landfill, and foundation work — we have the equipment to help you get the job done right. Pour les surfaces tout-terrain, nous avons une gamme complète de rouleaux de compactage avec des rouleaux avec empreinte de pieds dameuses. Ou encore, pour les stationnements et d’autres surfaces régulières en asphalte, nous offrons des rouleaux avec tambours lisses.



What compaction equipment should I use for granular or cohesive soil?

  • Rammers are ideal for high-clay or high-silt (cohesive) soils and high-moisture soils. They deliver thousands of pounds of impact force to the soil and a degree of vibration, compacting wet or dry soils. Plate compactors and ride-on rollers work best on granular soils such as gravel and sand.

What type of engine oil do I need for a plate compactor?

  • SAE 30, 10/30 or 10/40 will work well in the engine of gas/petrol-powered plate compactors. For diesel engines, use 15/40 oil for maximum productivity. Call United Rentals for more information about the care and use of our plate compactors at 833-525-6346.

When should I use a drum roller instead of a plate compactor?

  • Drum rollers are heavy-duty compactors that you drive across large areas such as parking lots, entire construction sites and more. Plate compactors are ideal for smaller sites and narrow work areas such as trenches; they are also ideal for granular soils. They are not ride-on rollers but operated on foot. Single drum rollers or double drum rollers can handle granular and more cohesive soils such as silt or clay.



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Catégorie/classe : 160-2660

Ride-on Double Smooth-drum Vibratory Roller, Diesel-powered, 3-7,2 Ton, 35-48 in.

  • Operator stations offer excellent visibility and vibration-cushioned seats
  • Offset drum ability that will minimize curb hopping and help erase roller marks
  • Dual-drum drive and articulated steering for easy maneuverability
  • Units available provide between 3 ton and 7,2 tons of compaction force
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Catégorie/classe : 150-2610

Vibratory Rammer, Diesel-powered, Heavy-duty

  • Moteur diesel
  • Fully sealed oil-lubricated rammer systems for trouble-free operation
  • Designed for confined-area compaction
  • Poignées coussinées contre les vibrations pour le confort de l’opérateur
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Catégorie/classe : 160-1265

Walk-behind Tandem Padfoot Drum Trench Compaction Roller, Diesel-powered, 7,7 Ton, 22 in./32 in. Rollers

  • Remote control available
  • Drive, steering and brakes are fully hydrostatic for easy operation
  • Model offers flexible drums that allows for convenient conversion from 32" to 22"
  • The articulated joint increases maneuverability and the low center of gravity improves stability
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