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These one-man lifts are easily portable, quick to setup, and simple to operate for construction and maintenance jobs like electrical work and ceiling repairs. La largeur étroite permet à la plateforme élévatrice de passer dans une porte standard et le placement en « x » des longerons s’insère dans la plupart des endroits restreints. Le levier manuel de descente de sécurité vous descend en cas de panne d’électricité. AC power receptacle at the platform, built-in battery charger, forklift pockets and overhead crane attachment point included. Les options disponibles incluent des trousses de cavaliers de banc pour les travaux par-dessus les bancs, ainsi que des plateformes étroites pour les travaux à travers le carrelage de plafond de 24 po afin d'accéder à des régions entre le plafond et le platelage de toit, sans retirer le carrelage.



Are safety harnesses required on manlift or platform?

  • A harness is not required on a manlift or aerial work platform as long as the guardrails meet OSHA regulations of acting as adequate fall protection.

Can a towable boom lift be moved by hand?

  • There are no regulations that indicate whether or not a towable boom lift can be moved by hand. Towable boom lifts have heavy batteries and hydraulic systems which can make it difficult to move without the aid of a functioning self-propelled model or tow vehicle.

Can a company self certify manlift certification?

  • A company is able to self-certify a manlift certification if they are ANSI certified to self-certify.



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Catégorie/classe : 300-3080

Push Around Vertical Mast Lift, 26 ft.-34 ft.

  • Up to 350-lb. capacity
  • Stable mast for increased operator safety and comfort
  • Battery charger included for more uptime
  • Less than 3' wide to fit through doorways and freight elevators
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