Plateformes mobiles

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms are aerial lift devices designed to provide temporary access to inaccessible areas. Mobile Platforms include two basic types: Boom lifts for construction, mechanical contracting, painting, glazing, electrical work, and industrial maintenance; and vertical lifts, which have applications in factories, public buildings and retail centers. When selecting the best Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP) model for a job, factors to consider are the availability of power sources, required reach, terrain, job length and site location for maintenance accessibility.


FAQs about Mobile Platforms

How big a basket is needed on your manlift?

  • The size of the basket needed on an aerial work platform is dependent on the job the machinery is being used for. Exceeding the manufacturer's specified weight limit can limit operational functionality of the Mobile Elevated Work Platforms. Basket capacities for MEWP can start at 300 lb. and exceed 1 000 lb.

Can I use a body belt on an aerial work platform?

  • Body belts are not rated for fall-arrest on aerial work platforms. In order to operate an aerial platform, workers are required to wear a harness rated for fall-arrest.

What is the one man lift weight limit?

  • The weight limit of an aerial work platform varies by model and will be indicated by the manufacturer.
Electric Powered Scissor Lift
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Scissor Lift, 8 ft., Electric Powered

  • Fixed height and narrow width
  • Efficient, fume-free operation
  • Joystick drive inside the platform
  • Ideal for stocking or other warehouse work where you need tools or supplies in the platform
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