First on the Scene With Power and Climate Control Solutions

Every emergency demands a swift and knowledgeable response. When the unexpected happens, rely on United Rentals and the largest network of power and HVAC equipment locations across North America to mitigate interruptions and loss, fast.

Our team of experts is available 24/7 to provide disaster relief power and climate control solutions when businesses and communities need it most. From industrial power generators to portable heaters and air conditioners, call our dedicated emergency line for power, heating and cooling solutions.

Power Generators
Temporary Power Generators

United Rentals is ready with industrial portable generators that can provide from 20 to 2,000 kilowatts of power. Call us for quick and friendly service, so you can get the lights back on and provide comfort in the midst of destruction

Portable Heaters and Air Conditioners

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Be Prepared for Anything and Everything

Plan for the unexpected with the help of United Rentals. Work with one of our specialists to ensure you have the right power and emergency backup cooling and heating equipment in place for emergencies. Get started today with a consultation to minimize interruptions and downtime. 

Histoire de réussite

Soutien immédiat à la suite de l’ouragan Sandy

Avant, pendant et après les catastrophes, United Rentals applique une politique « tout le monde sur le pont ». Donc, lorsque l'impensable s'est produit, nous n'avons pas hésité. Nous avons aidé.

À la suite de l’ouragan Sandy, United Rentals a fourni un soutien immédiat et continu au FEMA, y compris l’aide à un camp de premiers répondants comptant 7 000 personnes. Thanks to our vast fleet and network, we were able to provide power and climate control, as well as water trucks, forklifts and service technicians. We worked around the clock to minimize loss and assist with restoration and recovery in whatever way needed.

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