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Government Modular Building
Storage Containers & Mobile Offices for



    Government Modular Building
    Providing Portable Storage Container and Temporary Workspace Solutions for Government Agencies

    United Rentals regularly works with government agencies like local municipalities, police and fire departments, federal contractors, Department of Transportation, Parks and Recreation and other institutions with their storage and office space needs. Our dedicated team of knowledgeable representatives is ready to help find the right solution to our customers’ needs, regardless of project scale.

    Whether you need an emergency response storage container, inplant office, office trailer, temporary or permanent modular guard booth, portable ground level office for a short-term work space or a large-scale modular building complex we have the soliutions for you. We pride ourselves on providing time and cost-efficient space solutions that solve whatever storage or space challenge you’re facing. With United Rentals’ recent acquisition of the extensive inventory from Pac-Van, you’ll find we are better equipped than ever to help serve our government customers’ needs.

    Portable storage containers, ground-level offices, office trailers and modular buildings

    Récipients de conservation et bureaux mobiles

    Featured Projects for the Government Industry

    SCMO Government MODOT Scale House
    Missouri Department of Transportation Modular Weigh Station

    The Missouri DOT needed a low-cost solution to replace a previously damaged building. Our client required a building with good sightlines to monitor traffic flow. We provided a simple design with factory features to suit the MODOT’s needs. On-site modifications included state-of-the-art data and communication and monitoring systems, exterior ground-level lighting to aid truck inspections, and special glass partitions in the driver area for secure interaction with personnel. The materials used in the construction saved our client money in both the long term and short term, because the building can be dismantled and transported easily to another location at minor expense.


    SCMO Government Louisville
    10-plex VA of Louisville Modular Government Building

    Our client needed a mobile modular office building built to be cost-effective and energy-efficient. Ultimately, we achieved this by using the vinyl brick panels to cut the cost of the more conventional masonry brick finish. Although this is a permanent facility, we designed this modular industrial building to be easily disassembled into 12-foot modules that can be relocated or reconfigured to accommodate future space needs. The modular office features a spacious 7,200-square-foot interior that consists of 10 modules to provide office space and conference space to accommodate the VA of Louisville’s needs.


    SCMO Nye Co IT Building
    Nye County IT Building

    This building was designed to match identically to the Nye County complex that currently houses several government agencies. The footprint had to be specially designed and engineered to maximize the space allotted. It is comprised of an office space, IT room, break room, restrooms and a storage area for an ATV. The floor finishes are a combination of wood laminate, composite flooring and ceramic tile. The electrical design is complex and uses numerous electrical panels that support an intricate IT back-up system for the entire county. Because this building was designed to be a permanent part of the Nye County complex, a stem wall foundation was constructed to support the perimeter framed building. Insulation, white EPDM roofing, 2x6 Walls and insulated glass windows help to create an efficient and comfortable atmosphere for the IT service employees. The electrical panels include a switch panel that automatically switches to the generator in the case of lost power. The budget and tight schedule played a major part in considering modular for this project. For this project the buildings came in on time and on budget. Nye County knew they could count on us for the quality and design they needed for this project. Flexibility in design and electrical components allowed the county to receive exactly what they needed in one location. The cost per square foot was considerably lower than the price of a site built structure.

    SCMO Firebox
    5-plex Firefighter’s Training Firebox Modular Building

    This unique modular building project is an excellent example of United Rentals' commitment to meeting our customers' specific needs. This Firebox modular building complex consists of used shipping containers configured to simulate conditions of an emergency evacuation site. Firebox modular buildings are available in various sizes and can be customized to contain mazes and roof panels that give firefighters roof access. Elevators can also be added to the building to simulate mid-floor failures. These training towers are built to allow firefighters to train in safe, real-life conditions — offering an investment in firefighter safety by providing real fire scenarios and challenges.



    SCMO Walkway in Charlotte
    Charlotte Pedestrian Container Walkway

    A construction company required a pedestrian walkway to run under a construction project located on the Charlotte Rail Trail running parallel with the Charlotte Light Rail system. We provided (11) 40’ shipping containers lined up end-to-end creating a 440’ foot run. The containers are painted on the interior and exterior and match one of three magic carpet murals that are painted on the Rail Trail. The containers were modified off site before installation by adding (2) 3’x3’ framed openings on each container and a functional ½ door on (5) of the containers to allow a for a periodic point of egress along the entire run. Lights were strung up throughout the walkway to allow for lighting at night. This project was completed using retired shipping containers. The ½ doors that were added were fabricated by using the waste material that was cut out of the containers to create the openings. The containers can be used again for the same application for future projects and sections can be added or removed depending on the distance of walkway required for the project.

    Portland walkway
    City of Portland Pedestrian Container Tunnel

    This walkway consists of 40’x8' steel storage containers. The containers are constructed of steel frames, fully vertically corrugated steel side and end walls, corrugated steel roof, wood flooring, double hinged doors and ISO corner fittings at eight corners. This walkway was installed to provide temporary pedestrian access for the City of Portland.



    SCMO Government SIFD
    SFID Container Training Facility

    Our team provided seven 40’ used shipping containers for the South Iredell Fire Department for a training complex. The facility is 3-stories and replicates a 2-story house with attic. One container was cut in half to create a balcony. Equipped with a burn room on the first level, the facility is able to house a controlled fire. The burn room includes 12-gauge diamond plate steel floors, walls, ceiling and door. 2000-degree caulk was used between the diamond plate steel sheets and the burn room is painted with fire resistant paint. There is a steel burn tray with a drain and a cast-iron drain line that leads to the exterior. A covered vent on the exterior wall was added to alleviate heat in the event it builds too high. Operable cargo doors allow for easy cleanup. The second level is divided into 3 rooms with a door that leads to a balcony. There is an attic access door where a ladder can be used for entry. There is an exterior door on the 2nd level that leads to an exterior staircase.



    Portable Storage and Office Solutions for Government Agencies: A Fast, Cost-Effective Alternative to Construction

    Flexible short-term or permanent space can be critical for government agencies to respond, scale and serve. Across the country, local, state, and federal government entities require cost-effective, high-quality, and efficient solutions. When they run into issues relating to setting up temporary commands or find they’ve outgrown their current buildings, new construction isn’t the only answer. Instead, many agencies are taking advantage of portable storage and office solutions. Learn how governments use these structures to fit specific needs.

    Space Challenges Require Creative Solutions

    Constructing any building takes considerable time, labor and money. Government agencies typically don’t have these resources readily available and need to act fast. A simpler alternative is to seek out modular structures. Governments realize these structures can significantly benefit their agency’s mission.

    Temporary or Long-term Government Office Buildings

    Portable modular office buildings are ideal for a variety of applications in the government sector. They can serve as temporary field offices, especially in areas where traditional construction isn’t an option. They can also serve as a command headquarters when agencies need to respond to a national emergency, weather-related or otherwise. Because these offices don’t require blocking or leveling, they can be set up in a short amount of time.

    Inplant offices can be used for emergency response, administrative workspaces, security and guard offices at key checkpoints, classrooms and training facilities, and more.

    Agencies may also find that portable offices and modular solutions can be long-term solutions to space issues. Instead of making a huge capital investment to expand an existing building or completely rebuild, a portable office delivers a more cost-effective and faster resolution. Because they are so versatile, they can fit just about any specification. Additionally, if agencies have a small footprint in an area not easily accessible, it’s possible to crane in portable offices.

    Portable Storage Containers and Their Many Uses

    Government institutions can use storage containers for supplies they use infrequently, freeing up more room in their buildings. Further, these storage solutions can house emergency supplies; store fleets, equipment, and parts; provide safe spaces for records and evidence; offer easy storage of and access to maintenance supplies; and more.

    United Rentals Can Support Government Entities With Modular Concepts

    United Rentals and our team of modular experts and designers have been serving government entities for years. We are a System for Award Management (SAM) registered agent and can accept any government purchase order and offer an easy, efficient procurement path.

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