Power Generation and Temperature Control Solutions to Keep Manufacturing Production Humming

United Rentals can help overcome production limitations and challenges at your industrial manufacturing facility — both planned and unplanned — with our comprehensive fleet of industrial generators, power distribution panels and climate control equipment.

Along with our large inventory of power, cooling, heating and dehumidifying rentals, our industry experts command 900 megawatts of power in North America, helping us provide the right solution to maximize your production. If emergency strikes, we're there fast to get things back up and running, which is why the most demanding manufacturers rely on us for immediate solutions.

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Industrial Power Generation

Deliver reliable mobile power with industrial-grade generators from United Rentals. Our fleet of diesel generators come in sound-attenuated enclosures for quiet operation and are available in 20 to 2,000 kilowatts. 

Industrial Air Conditioning

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Book Your Industrial Power and HVAC Equipment With Ease

For routine maintenance, quickly rent power and HVAC equipment with our online self-service. Select rental dates, receive a quote, place your order, confirm reservations and track your shipment all in one place.

Histoire de réussite

Gardez votre entreprise opérationnelle, même lors des mises à nouveau

Often electrical system upgrades need to be made without compromising the operational effectiveness of the plant. This was exactly the case for a pharmaceutical plant in California — and we had the solution.

United Rentals devait maintenir l’alimentation électrique à l’usine afin de poursuivre la production lors des mises à niveau. We brought in 6 megawatts of trailer-mounted generators and over 22,500 feet of temporary cabling to ensure the plant ran smoothly. Les techniciens ont travaillé jour et nuit, surveillant le chantier pour trois semaines alors que les mises à niveau avaient lieu.

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