6 Ways to Boost Power Plant Outage Efficiency

The right equipment partner can save plants time and money.

The energy landscape is changing fast, but power plants remain the backbone of America’s electrical system. With many of these plants easing into old age, planned seasonal outages for maintenance and repair are more important than ever.

Because outages are costly, high-stakes events — every minute a plant is offline, it loses money — meticulous planning down to the last detail is critical. Maximizing operational efficiencies is key to success.

In this downloadable e-book, readers will learn the importance of:

  1. Choosing the right equipment partner
    During the entire outage cycle, from planning to wrap-up, your temporary equipment provider should function as a collaborative partner who helps drive operational efficiency and productivity while keeping safety top of mind.

  2. Collaborating early
    You’ve planned outages before and you know the drill. Perhaps you think you’ve left no stone unturned when it comes to finding ways to boost efficiency and safety. But your equipment partner might surprise you.

  3. Optimizing temporary equipment utilization
    Planned outages are expensive undertakings. Labor and materials make up a significant portion of the costs, but if you’re not careful, temporary equipment can also play a part in driving overruns.

  4. Considering worker comfort and convenience
    Outage teams work hard. They can be even more productive if outage managers plan in advance for their personal comfort and convenience.

  5. Factoring in safety training
    Plant safety is always critical, and when it comes to outages, there’s even more to consider.

  6. Learning from each outage
    Even the most carefully planned projects will have some hiccups during implementation.


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